Selection Process

The Hornet Tribune has the never-ending task of interviewing, selecting and hiring student employees. However, despite the repetitiveness and skill its editor, managing editor and adviser, selecting the right individual for a job is extremely challenging. Making the wrong choice can also be costly. The student employee selection process usually entails notification or advertising, reviewing, screening, interviewing, testing then selecting the best available candidate.


The student employee selection process usually starts with an editor-in-chief requesting the general manager to fill a new or vacant position. The general manager must first decide what qualifications he or she desires in a job candidate. For example, should the person have relevant experience? Should the student have at least one year under his belt?  Once the general manager establishes the job requirements, The Hornet Tribune editor-in-chief utilizes the appropriate places to announce the job.


Once the job or jobs are advertised, the editor and general manager will review the applications and resumes and match each candidate’s background to the job requirements. Since we sometimes receive numerous resumes for a vacancy, we select the top three and we bring in those candidates for the interview.


The student employment selection process includes a screening interview.  The editor, general manager and managing editor will usually conduct the screening interview. Screening interviews can help narrow the field of candidates.


The most important facets of the student employment selection process is the face-to-face interview.


The editor and general manager will decide which candidate will fit best in the open position. Qualifications are only one consideration. The candidate selected is usually someone who has personality or a great work ethic.


The employee selection process may also include testing before a candidate is actually hired, depending upon the vacancy.  Subsequently, after the drug or personality test, The Hornet Tribune will make an offer to the chosen candidate.

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