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My name is Justine Johnson, and I have been chosen as the 2015-16 editor-in-chief of The Hornet Tribune, the multimedia news organization of Alabama State University.  Over the past two years, The Hornet Tribune has proved an invaluable resource to me, and an opportunity I wouldn’t forfeit for the world, and the only reason I ever got that opportunity was because someone offered me a start. I want to offer you that same opportunity.

The Hornet Tribune is, and has been for the past several years, undergoing a period of unprecedented growth and change. Now more than ever, we NEED diverse perspectives in our newsroom, and people who are ready and willing to try new things as The Hornet Tribune attempts to become a full-fledged multimedia organization that serves Alabama State University and the surrounding community in a timely and effective way.

The Hornet Tribune accepts all applicants on campus, regardless of year or major.

Let me say that again.

The Hornet Tribune accepts all applicants on campus, regardless of year or major.

You do not have to be a journalism major, or an english major, or a public relations major. If you are an engineering major, or a dance major, or an accounting major who has good ideas for media and wants to work hard to make The Hornet Tribune the top student news organization in the country, we want you. If you have ideas for a news media project on campus, we want to help make it happen.

Some reasons to join our organization

Help drive the conversation in your community

The Hornet Tribune takes seriously its obligation to gather information and distribute it to the community. In recent years, our reporters and editors have grown more and more into this role, covering the April 27, 2011 tornados, every tornado season since then, the on-going segregation of sororities on campus, the lockdown at Tutwiler last fall and many other campus events.

With this role as the community’s Paper of Record, comes the responsibility of watchdog status over the university and those who control it. It’s a duty we treasure, and we need new talent and excited talent to make this happen.

Showcase your creative talent and learn how to improve

The Hornet Tribune can help you learn how to become a better communicator in a hands-on learning environment, surrounded by creative people. No matter your chosen career, you WILL need to be able to communicate well, and we can help with that. With our new structure, we can produce new kinds of creative media, providing an outlet for your voice on campus.

You can get paid

Get checks.

In our newsroom, not only can you grow as a communicator and an individual, but you can also get paid for your hard work. Most of our positions are paid, but you may have to work your way up to those positions if you are new, just like I did. Check the description of each position for more information.

If you have any questions, please email me at


To apply, click the “Apply Now” option on the right after you have reviewed the positions you are interested in. You may apply for as many positions as you would like. After your application has been received, you will be asked to submit a resume and 2-4 samples of your work. If you have any questions or technical problems during your application process, please email me at 

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