Pick a Workshop

1. Help for Advisers: Let’s Talk News: This roundtable discussion will give student media advisers the opportunity to discuss ways to motivate students, generate interest and explore any specific questions, challenges and opportunities they may have.

2. The ABCs of Blogging: This seminar covers some of the basic elements of blogging, which include developing an idea for a blog, coming up with post topics and maintaining consistency on a blog.

3. Broadcast News: Making It All Work: It only looks like magic. There are many steps and lots of hard work between a story assignment and a polished package. An experienced TV news producer will walk participants through those steps.

4. Creating New Apps for the iPad: Mobile devices are the media of today, and so much innovation has gone into making them must-haves for everybody who has an interesting in reporting. Learn to use applications that will help create apps for mobile devices.

5. The Hunt for Good Story Ideas: What do readers need to know? What do they want to know? The first steps in journalistic sleuthing are finding out what isn’t known and figuring out how to get that information. Participants will learn how to find those stories.

6. The Color of Coverage: Diversity as a Goal: Explore strategies that have proved effective in producing stories that are diverse in the 21 century. The session will go beyond race and present suggestions on what works in producing a publication that respects diverse views.

7. An Eye on Design: Looks Do Matter: In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to take raw news materials and package them into a print news product. Specific topics include planning a page layout, writing headlines and organizing stories on the page.

8. Engaging Readers: How can journalists connect with the people they write about? How can they get more people interested in what they do? Participants will discuss new levels of interactivity between student media outlets and their readers, listeners and viewers.

9. From Notebook to the Web: Participants will discuss how to convert notebook information into a unique Web package that uses multimedia tools effectively.

10. The Art of the Interview: Participants will discuss what they can do before, during, and after interviews to get the most out of their sources. Specific topics include pre-interview preparation, picking the right place and time for an interview and phrasing questions in ways that encourage thoughtful responses.

11. Storytelling in Words: The Feature: The longer and more complex a story becomes, the more difficult it is to execute well. Participants will learn how to plan, organize and write longer news or feature stories, as well as multi-part series, using alternative strategies to the inverted pyramid or five W’s.

12. Making a Digital Mag for the iPad: Students interested in converting their print magazines to online will learn how to use the available technology to see traditional print page views on mobile devices.

13. The Art of Photography I: Cover the basics of news photography, which includes composition, lighting and editing. Previous knowledge of photography is not required nor is familiarity with sophisticated cameras.

14. The Art of Photography II: Go beyond the obvious shot to shoot profiles, landscapes, etc. Previous knowledge of photography is required; students should be familiar with sophisticated cameras though skill with a smartphone may suffice.

15. The Art of Photography III: Learn to use a smartphone in lieu of an expensive camera. This session is designed for students with more than basic skills.

16. Slideshows and Other Web Devices: Explore basic, easy-to-execute online storytelling techniques, including slideshows, online maps, timelines and other interactive Web elements that make a story Web worthy.

17. Sweet to Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: How are reporters using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to gather and distribute news? This seminar focuses on the use of social media as a reporting tool and as a way to build community among readers, listeners and viewers.

18. Hitting Homers with Sports Stories: Readers know the score, but can journalists give them more in sports coverage? Veteran sports reporters will discuss the most important story of all: the “gamer.” This session is for students who have an interest in sports reporting but no experience.

19. Nuts and Bolts of Web Design: Participants will learn how to use available technology to design a website. The session will show that no one has to be a programmer to take an idea and turn it into a good-looking, functional website.

20. The Opinion Pieces: Editorials and Columns: Writing opinion should take as much research, if not more, than writing news stories. Hear from an award-winning columnist about the importance of thoughtful commentary. Explore various styles and techniques for writing solid opinion pieces.

21. Back to Basics: Prose for Print: This seminar will focus on the “inverted pyramid” structure but will be broader than just structure. It will cover the importance of style in writing and of maintaining consistency as well as the art of crafting a great story lead.

22. Back to Basics: Writing for Video: This seminar covers writing for a person’s ear instead of the eye. Participants will learn how to prepare a script for broadcast.

23. Team Journalism: This session is for advisers, editors and news managers to provide strategies on staff management. Journalism is a collaborative process, but it won’t work unless everyone is invested in the long-term goal.

24. Geek the Critique: Bring personal clips or school publications to this session for feedback from print, broadcast and online coaches.

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