In September 2015, The Hornet Tribune will celebrate the completion of its 90th year providing top-quality coverage of the Alabama State University community-at-large.

Unfortunately, The Hornet Tribune has reached a turning point. As the quality and quantity of our content has increased immensely over the past several years, it has become more difficult to fund our daily operations, as well as new ventures — just as many of our colleagues in the news industry have been experiencing.

Coupled with an increase in staff size and content produced, the Tribune’s revenue streams have fallen greatly in recent years as the value of (and demand for) print advertising decreases. Growth in online-based revenue, unfortunately, has made just a small dent in the resulting deficit.

As a result, the Tribune’s financial issues are beginning to inhibit new initiatives and quality of content, an outcome its editorial staff can and will not allow to be realized. Rapidly shrinking travel budgets for sports and news coverage, equipment shortages for our photo and video sections, and virtually nonexistent compensation for most editorial staffers are just a few of the issues making a substantial, negative impact on the Tribune’s operations.

In light of this milestone and its immense financial need, The Hornet Tribune is launching its 90th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign.  The Hornet Tribune needs financial help in order to continue providing the high quality of content its readers have come to expect, and gifts of any size are immensely appreciated.

To donate, follow the steps listed below:

1. Hit the “Click to donate now” tab below.
2. Click “Search for funds” on the Student Publication donation homepage and type “Michigan Daily Program Fund” into the search box.
3. Click “Give now” under “Michigan Daily Program Fund – 314932.”
4. Enter the amount you would like to donate, and click “Proceed to Checkout.”
5. If you would like to earmark your funds for a specific short-term cause, check the “I would like to add a comment” box.
6. To support sports staff travel, type “Sports travel.” For news travel, type “News travel.” For photo equipment, type “Photo,” and for video equipment, type “Video.” Feel free to think of another specific cause, and we’ll let you know if there’s any issue allocating the money to whatever cause you’re most passionate about, like submitting additional FOIA requests or increasing editorial staff payroll. If you don’t want to earmark your money for a specific cause, don’t leave a comment — we assure you the money will be put to good use, like adding to Daily scholarship funds, replenishing the Daily’s endowment and improving software and hardware used constantly throughout the newsroom.
6. Follow the remaining directions on the Student Publications donation website to complete your gift.

If you’re interested in endowing an editorial staff position or scholarship fund at The Michigan Daily, please reach out to Mark Bealafeld at Please note that the 125th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign is currently in its “soft launch” phase, and more specifics, along with a more comprehensive plan for long-term capital campaigns, will be provided as the date of the Daily’s anniversary draws closer.

Thank you for your support.


The 2015 staff of The Michigan Daily


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